Hamilton believes Mercedes needs to work on the car

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Hamilton believes Mercedes needs to work on the car

Lewis Hamilton was very frustrated after the Austrian GP. During the race, his car suffered a lot of damage, which caused him to lose his downforce. According to his estimates, he lost a "slight second place" He started the race fourth so he profited from the incident between Lando Norris and Sergio Perez, with the Mexican falling to tenth place.

He then easily overtook Norris and held second place for a good part of the race. But during the second stint he started to lose downforce due to damage to the car floor. He lost so much speed that the team was ordered to replace Lewis and his teammate Valtteri Bottas.

After that he was left without a podium, he could not stop Norris in a rush to another third place. With this result, he lost a huge 14 points compared to Max Verstappen, and now he is 32 points behind the Red Bull driver in the championship.

"I said before the race that it would be very difficult to beat Max. It’s frustrating to lose so much downforce at the rear end of the car and not keep second place. Lots of points lost today. ” "I could easily have been second.

I was second and suddenly I damaged the car. He would have a slight second place, in general. But obviously, I couldn’t catch the fastest at the top, ”Lewis said.

Mercedes must work

With this result, Lewis reached the fifth race in a row without a win, and Mercedes is in the same situation.

Lewis says they are miles away behind Red Bull and hope the improvements planned for Silverstone will contribute to that. "We have a lot of work ahead of us. We need to warm the chair, which we are already doing. They [Red Bull] brought a lot of upgrades, and we didn’t get any."

"So, we have to get the maximum performance, otherwise, we will watch this result more often, ”concluded Hamilton. And indeed Mercedes is in more and more fear as Verstappen looks unstoppable and does not seem to intend to stop good racing.

Now they are in a huge problem and they will have to find a solution if they want to win the title again. They are aware that it will never be harder and that Red Bull really has a serious driver who is not afraid of anyone at the moment. An interesting continuation of the season ...