Lando Norris: A driver who impressed many F1 fans

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Lando Norris: A driver who impressed many F1 fans

Lando Norris says that his lap in yesterday's qualifications for the Austrian Grand Prix was his best-completed lap in his Formula 1 career. The McLaren driver did a great job placing himself in the front row for tomorrow’s race at the Red Bull Ring.

Norris not only beat Red Bull but managed to be ahead of both Mercedes drivers. Lando's second place in the qualifiers also marked his best starting position so far before the race. The British driver even threatened Verstappen.

McLaren’s ‘flagship’ this season was just 0.048 seconds behind pole position winner Max Verstappen, but he beat Perez by more than two-tenths, who is in third place. For the young British driver, this position has even more significance as he will embark on a race on medium tires, just like the Red Bulls and Mercedes drivers.

Norris looked really happy after the race and it was obvious how much this result means to him "I feel epic. That was cool, ”said a happy Norris. "I guess after the last race I wanted to take another step (forward), and I made two - so it's nice."

Best lap

This is the second weekend in a row that Formula 1 has been racing in the Red Bull Ring, and Norris has surpassed his previous score - third place - by another extra position (Norris has been moved one place more due to a penalty given to Valtteri Bottas).

The McLaren driver believes that the second position puts him in a good position with the race, and he characterized the lap with which he reached the first starting line as the best so far. "It puts us in a good position for tomorrow," he added.

"This is one of the best laps I've ever done. It was a good feeling, "said a satisfied Lando Norris. And indeed Norris is fantastic for now this season and can be said to be one of the surprises this season. In almost all the races so far, he looked great, moved phenomenally, and in the end, it paid off.

While most felt that Norris could not become a good driver, he certainly reassured them now and showed that he is one of the biggest potentials we have seen in F1. It is amazing how much self-confidence he has and how motivated and eager he is to show how much he can We hope that he will continue with the same form by now