Fernando Alonso against the new rule in F1

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Fernando Alonso against the new rule in F1

Fernando Alonso believes that the regulations on retaining tires from the 2nd qualifying round for the start of the race actually only help bigger teams, instead of improving the “show” as it was conceived when the rule was introduced.

As we know, according to the current regulations, everyone who passes to the last qualifying round of the race must start with the tires on which they made the best time in Q2, except in exceptional situations. For the next race in Austria, Pirelli will bring the tires one degree softer than last weekend, and Alonso believes this will negatively affect mid-ranking teams: "It will be challenging to do a one-stop boxing race.

If you start on C5 tires - it will be even harder. ” Alonso believes that things like this are not necessary and this only helps big teams, and that small teams lose a lot in this way. Obviously, Alonso will not be the only one to rebel against this "Faster cars have the luxury of avoiding those tires, and we don't have them in the middle of the standings."

"It's bad about these rules - they try to come up with one rule that will improve the show, but then they only benefit the big teams."


Alonso has continued his good run of three good races in Styria and says this track does not necessarily fit Alpine's car.

Now their goal will be to improve their results even more and try to reduce the gap they have. However, it will not be easy at all, considering that other cars are getting closer and better. "I do not believe that Austria is our best track.

Unfortunately, we have two races at this location and we need to minimize the damage in terms of points." "I think we were really good in the first race because we won one point more than AlphaTauri and two less than Aston Martin.

Therefore, we have reduced the damage. " It seems that Alonso is not too optimistic about the next race and believes that his team will not be able to improve the result. We know that sometimes drivers make statements like this to reduce the pressure, but one thing is for sure: Alonso will do his best to achieve the best possible result.

“The second race could be another challenging weekend. We will try to be better, but it will be difficult. I think this is our limit. "