Lando Norris: "Max would have a problem with me if we had the same car"

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Lando Norris: "Max would have a problem with me if we had the same car"

Lando Norris is currently the only driver to won points in every race so far this season, appearing twice on the podium, which gives him a lot of confidence, and he firmly believes that otherwise, he could make his friend Max's life miserable if he had a car with which to could get involved in a fight between him and Lewis Hamilton.

"100%, I think I would offer him good resistance. There are different scenarios and situations where experience is important and you think ‘maybe he would have an advantage over me in that case and I believe Max is one of the best Formula 1 drivers ever.

I think he proves it since he started driving when he was 16 or 17. ” Norris also told Sky Sports F1 that he thinks he has matured now and that he no longer has an excuse for bad driving in his third season in Formula 1 and that he is aware of how high he can rank himself compared to other drivers.

“I worked a lot during the winter and I still work during the year. I put a lot of time and effort, I worked a lot with the engineers to get the results we want this season. ” "With the start of my third season, people probably think 'no more excuses'

In the first two seasons, you can get away with a few things, especially in the first season. ” "I think that with the arrival of Daniel (Ricciardo)this year in the team, I have a lot more attention to what I can do in relation to him than vice versa.


Words of praise

He didn’t want to miss an opportunity to compliment his former teammate. “Few people know how good a driver Carlos [Sainz] really is and I think this year Carlos managed to show it against Charles [Leclerc], who is considered by many to be one of the best drivers in Formula 1.

I think it’s good because they can compare where I am compared to other drivers. ” Lando also said he feels that McLaren is his team and that this feeling helps to grow self-confidence in providing the feedback he wants from the car.

"I think it's [my team]. But it's partly because I've changed in some way. " "I express my opinion more often, not because I think my opinion is always correct even though it is often, but more because I have enough confidence to say it." “They depend [on me] in many ways, I would say, mostly because during the season Daniel gets used to all these things that are new to him, so a lot of things depend more on me because I am the guy who is in a better position and who is trying to lead the team in a better direction. ”