Binotto believes Ferrari’s main goal is not to beat McLaren

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Binotto believes Ferrari’s main goal is not to beat McLaren

Ferrari F1 boss Mattia Binotto says Ferrari’s main goal for this season is not to beat McLaren in the fight for third place but they want to make sure they progress as a team and be as good as possible in the future.

After a tough last season that they finished sixth in the constructors ’standings, Ferrari retaliated this year with a much better car and a more powerful powertrain that brought them to the top of the middle of the standings in which they fight McLaren.

In seven of the eight qualifiers this season, Ferrari was faster than McLaren, except in the last race in Styria, but McLaren was stronger in races (average), especially on tracks where tire consumption is more noticeable.

Ferrari had a peak of performance on two street tracks in Monaco and Azerbaijan where Leclerc secured a pole position, but in those two races, they achieved only one podium with Sainz in Monaco. “How important is it for us to win more points than McLaren? It doesn't matter, ”Binotto said.

"It simply came to our notice then. But like I said at the start of the season, our main goals are to make sure we progress as a team with a view to next year and the season. We want to be better in every area and learn from mistakes, as was the case in France.

” "It is clear that third place can be a goal, but it is not the main goal. The main thing, as I said before, is to progress as a team and be better in the future. In that sense, it's great that we made up for four points in the constructors' standings [at the Styrian Grand Prix], but that's not our first goal this season.

" "I'm very proud of the way our drivers fit into the team, how they behave and drive."


Binotto warned that Ferrari's performance in Austria is better compared to France, where they were left without points due to excessive tire consumption, does not mean that they will no longer have problems with tires this season.

“We didn’t completely fix the problems from France where we could have done a few things differently, but in general, the car has some weaknesses that you haven’t seen here [in Styria], and when we go to Silverstone it could be a difficult track for us again."

"But there is no doubt that it will be better than France [Pirelli brings a degree of harder rubber to Silverstone compared to Paul Ricard]. ” Binotto also commented on the unusual trend in the last race in which Ferrari qualified for 7th and 12th place while in the race they finished 6th and 7th, and in previous races, it was usually the other way around.

"We're generally happy, but the qualifiers should have been better." "But we have a new opportunity on the same track to try to solve it. Once again, the team will work together to try to understand how we can improve our speed in qualifying. But in general, we can be happy. ”