Mercedes announced changes in the upcoming races

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Mercedes announced changes in the upcoming races

The current world champions have announced improvements to their F1 W12 car that they will bring in the next few races, and their engine development department will also bring a few minor improvements to help them fight Red Bull, technical director James Allison has confirmed.

After a convincing defeat by Red Bull in the last race in Austria, team boss Toto Wolff said Mercedes had stopped the development of this year’s car in order to focus as much as possible on the development of the car for next year.

Given the current balance of power between Mercedes and Red Bull, the news didn't resonate well with Mercedes drivers, but Wolff seems to have mispronounced - Mercedes may not really be developing this year's car anymore, but improvements they made few weeks are ready to be seen.

In addition to improvements to the car’s aerodynamics, which have suffered a heavy blow with the new floor dimensions, Mercedes is also preparing improvements to the powertrain as they are not entirely satisfied with how the energy recovery system works.

Energy recovery system

“We have a decent number of things that will make our car faster in a few races so hopefully that will be enough,” Allison told the F1 Nation Podcast. Asked how it was that team boss Wolff said Mercedes would no longer make improvements, Allison said Wolff wanted to say the focus is shifting to the new car.

"I do not think our statements are not different. And I don't think Toto said exactly that, ”Allison commented. “What Toto wanted to point out is that the new rules are a big and complicated thing and require a lot of our attention.

So most of our factory's focus is on the car for next year, on improving performance for 2022. ” “But that doesn’t mean there is still nothing in the food chain before that shift of focus. Next, it’s not all in the factory.

Also, we are not just one factory, we have another factory that deals with the drive unit and we can get a little more out of it. ” "We are expecting some aerodynamic changes and, hopefully, a little more improvement on the power unit, in terms of delivery [of energy from the ERS] and a few things that are not yet as neat as we would like them to be." Is Wolff really playing with the fans or did he make a mistake?