Red Bull does not believe that Mercedes will not improve the car

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Red Bull does not believe that Mercedes will not improve the car
Red Bull does not believe that Mercedes will not improve the car (Provided by Sport World News)

Red Bull F1 team boss Christian Horner says he can’t believe Mercedes is no longer planning to make improvements to its F1 W12 this year given the intense title fight between the two teams. After the fourth consecutive defeat by Red Bull, Mercedes' Toto Wolff in Austria said that Mercedes had stopped the development of this year's car to focus 100% on the car for 2022, which will be developed according to a completely new technical regulations.

Verstappen achieved the most convincing of four victories this season in Austria and controlled the entire race from start to finish, leading in all laps and increasing his lead over Hamilton to 18 points. But Horner is skeptical that Mercedes will just give up the development of this year's car because only the first third of the season has passed.

“What Mercedes is doing is their thing, we’re focused on ourselves,” Horner said. “We know that Toto likes to focus on something else so I can’t believe he won’t put any new components on the car until the end of the season.

But like I said, we have to focus on our work. ” "Of course we need to balance between this and next year, but if that means we have to work a little harder than other teams then we're ready for that."


Wolff says Red Bull brought trucks full of new parts to the Red Bull Ring and it pays off right now because they were in the league for themselves on this track.

“That strategy is proving successful to them because they’ve been in the league here for themselves in terms of speed,” Wolff said. Horner believes that Red Bull must be careful how much effort they will invest in this year's car, given that big changes await us in 2022.

“For the first time in a long time, we started the season with a competitive car and we were able to adjust and optimize it, but with these cars you are at the top of the development curves, you are getting less and less,” Horner said.

"And when you look at the car for next year, every time the development cycle passes, we find big steps forward. That is why it is important to find a good balance between marginal gains for this year and big steps for next year. ” The tactics in Formula 1 this year are interesting

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