Gasly and Norris are not in a quarrel after the incident

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Gasly and Norris are not in a quarrel after the incident

At the French Grand Prix a week ago, a rather fierce duel took place between Land Norris and Pierre Gasly, after which the McLaren driver called his rival an idiot. It happened in the 28th lap of the race when Norris launched an attack on the AlphaTauri driver, who closed the door for him and sent them both off the track with his move.

A lap later, the Briton overtook, but before that, he asked his team: “What is this idiot doing? He pushed me out, and he even went off the track. ” On the eve of the next race, the Styrian Grand Prix, both were asked to comment on these developments at the Paul Ricard track.

"I was not too unhappy later. I ended up in front of him so I was actually pretty happy, ”Norris said, adding,“ My feeling is that it just wasn’t necessary, that level of his aggression. I almost lost my front wing.

” "I don't mind racing wheel by wheel, it's good fun and you grow up doing it in a variety of categories, but when someone exaggerates a bit, given how far he's gone off the track, he shouldn't have gone as hard as he went."

"But I have nothing against him. We even joked after we did the interviews and stuff. Everything is cool between us and I’m looking forward to a new race against Pierre or anyone else on the track. It's just that it's not a race that will get me out of the race.


Gasly on the conflict

Norris finished the race in fifth place, ahead of his teammate Daniel Ricciardo. Pierre Gasly remained behind them, seventh at the end of the race. In his opinion, the situation gets too much attention, and he doesn’t bother about Norris calling him an idiot.

"Through the radio connection, everything is said in the heat of battle. I am sure that not all words are very friendly even among the footballers on the field." "It’s part of the race, I hope we have more fights this season because I enjoyed it.

There was no bad intention in that move and I have nothing against a new battle this weekend. " "I'm not sure why the big story was created. In my opinion, it was a good and fierce race. Everyone always complains that there is no overtaking in Formula 1, so I think we should be happy when something happens."

"Maybe Lando didn’t like it, but at the end of the day it’s racing. We were all paid to drive fast, race and try to bring as many points as possible to our teams, ”said the Frenchman.