Negotiations between Hamilton and Mercedes over a new contract have begun

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Negotiations between Hamilton and Mercedes over a new contract have begun

We all still remember well the saga about the contract of Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes for this season, which ended only in February this year with a one-year cooperation agreement. The Briton wants to solve his future earlier this year and reveals that negotiations on a new contract have already begun.

Last year, negotiations were constantly delayed. The season was pretty “crazy,” with a lot of racing in very little time, and ended in mid-December. After that, things obviously did not go quite smoothly and a new contract between the driver and construction champion was announced only in February, shortly before the start of pre-season testing.

New contract

Lewis Hamilton has already announced that he wants to resolve the issue of his future earlier this year, and on the eve of the Styrian Grand Prix, he confirmed that talks on the terms of the new contract have already begun.

"We hope to do it much faster than last time, we don't want to fall into the same trap. It’s pretty relaxed, too. We always said we didn’t want it in the middle of the season because it would be a distraction to us, but we did it in a way that was fun."

"There is no tension, it doesn't cause us any problems, and communication with Toto is as good as ever. So, I hope we will have something soon ", said the seven-time world champion. The question of another driver is also open in the Mercedes.

Valtteri Bottas has been on one-year contracts since he came, but this year he can’t be calm and sure he’s going to get a new offer on the table. Finch’s rides and results aren’t at some high level, and George Russell is ready to wait.

Hamilton still supports his current colleague: "Both Valtteri and I have had our ups and downs in our careers, but he is a fantastic teammate and I don't see the need to change that." “I think we worked well as a team for many years.

As I said, Valtteri was generally the best possible colleague, and when I say colleague, I don't just mean driving performance, but also team morale and the way he works with a teammate in a certain environment. ” From contract stories, the focus is now shifting to the Styrian Grand Prix, the first of two races in Austria.

Hamilton is 12 points behind Verstappen and 37 points behind Red Bull in the overall standings. After losing in France and three consecutive races without a win, the Black Arrows need a good weekend.