Bottas spoke about the scandal via radio!

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Bottas spoke about the scandal via radio!

The Finnish driver had a pretty fierce outburst via radio link to his team at the end of the French Grand Prix. Many have interpreted this as a sign that the relationship between Mercedes and Bottas is not good, but he claims that this is a misinterpretation… Behind the 31-year-old Finn is a pretty bad first part of the season.

In seven races, he failed to place better than third place, wining half as many points as his teammate Lewis Hamilton. Also there is a fact that Mercedes has fewer wins than Red Bull in 2021 and it’s clear that things for the champions aren’t going as they want.

Last week’s French Grand Prix brought a continuation of those frustrations as Hamilton lost to Max Verstappen in the fight for victory and Valtteri Bottas won fourth place, losing the position in the final to Sergio Perez.

The Finn was very angry because during the race he wanted to apply the tactic of two stops in boxing, with which Verstappen came to victory, but the team did not agree with that. That’s why he raged over the radio. Many have interpreted this as a clear sign that relations within the Mercedes team are not good, but Valtteri assures the public that this is not true.

"I can be very direct on that topic, such a perception is completely wrong. I have a good relationship with the team and there are no problems. Situations of this kind are normal. ” “I’m sure not all things went live in the past, and what has brought us as a team this far is directness, honesty, especially if someone feels there is room for improvement.

So this is nothing new and everything is fine ", said Valtteri in the announcement of the Austrian Grand Prix.

Wolff reacted positively

Toto Wolff reacted positively to Bottas's quick reaction, that is, to his display of feelings of dissatisfaction.

“I’m glad he liked it,” Bottas says, adding, “Clearly I wasn’t happy in that situation, but it’s racing and there are emotions. It’s hard to describe the feelings when you’re in a car."

"We are not at a tea party, but we are competing in an elite top sport. And I want to be good, I want the team to be good. Then emotions exist even in a Finn. ” Regardless of that case from France, it has been debated for some time now whether Bottas will drive for Mercedes next season, or will be replaced by George Russell.

Ever since he joined the German team, Valtteri has been going from a one-year contract to a one-year contract, so all this is nothing new to him. "Everyone knows how this sport works. If you have results, you will deserve a place.

If there are no results and the team feels the need to replace the driver, then they will replace the driver. It's very simple in this sport. "