Verstappen is looking forward to the race in Austria, but calls for caution

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Verstappen is looking forward to the race in Austria, but calls for caution

Max Verstappen is looking forward to two Red Bull home races in Austria but warns that his previous two wins on this track are no guarantee of good form this year either. Red Bull is at its best this year in the hybrid turbo era that began in 2014 and leads in both rankings, and for the first time since 2013, they celebrated at three consecutive races in Monaco, Azerbaijan, and France.

Verstappen won the Red Bull Ring in 2018 after both Mercedes drivers gave up and in 2019 after an exciting fight with Leclerc in Ferrari, which he overtook in the penultimate lap. But ahead of this year’s races in Austria, which will run over the next two weekends, Verstappen calls for caution and says Red Bull’s good form is not guaranteed even though they have already celebrated on that track.

“I’m really looking forward to Austria because it’s like a home race and the opportunity to have two races makes it even better,” Verstappen said. "It's always nice to race on that track and we've had good results on it, but that's not a guarantee [of good results in 2021]."

"Again, we will have to adjust the car well, read the conditions and react to them. I don’t know what the weather will be like, but I’m sure it will be close again [with Mercedes]. We'll find out when we get there, but I hope we can have two good weekends.

Home race

For the first time in his F1 career, Perez joined two consecutive podiums after having 10, three for Sauber, and seven for Force India / Racing Point before joining Red Bull. “France was good and it was great for the team that we were both on the podium,” Perez said.

"For my part, I'm still making progress, but everything is going in the right direction." "The motivation is super high and we will use this forward momentum to make the most of our potential in the next races."

“I look forward to racing for Red Bull in their home race, and two weekends on the same track will help me in my progress and experience in the car. The team has been good here in the past, so I hope that this form will continue and that we can achieve good results.

" In 2019, Honda achieved its first victory for their engine in Austria with Verstappen and Red Bull since 2006, when Button celebrated in Hungary, and the last time Honda won three races with Senna in the first four races of the 1991 F1 season.