Binotto: "Our main concern is that this could happen on some other races"

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Binotto: "Our main concern is that this could happen on some other races"

After Ferrari had convincingly the worst racing weekend of the season, finishing without any points at the French Grand Prix, Mattia Binotto points out that it was to be expected that the Paul Ricard track would not suit the SF21 car, but also that some problems should have been solved long ago.

They knew at Ferrari that the track in the south of France would not suit them particularly well, so they were very careful in announcing the seventh race of the season. However, after solid qualifiers in which Carlos Sainz won fifth and Charles Leclerc seventh, they still hoped for a decent result with both cars in the top ten.

However, Sunday has brought a real disaster and a big drop in the standings. There were huge problems with tire degradation, so Sainz won 11th and Leclerc only 16th. This is how Mattia Binotto, the team boss, commented last weekend.

Binotto on the result

"I do not have much to say. A very tiring and difficult race for us. We failed to achieve the tire function we needed and because of that our performance suffered." "I don't think it reflects the true speed of the car and the performance itself, but it is something we have to learn and solve, not immediately, but in a medium and long period.

” "We knew that this track would be difficult for us. Fast corners where a lot of energy is transferred to the tires, hot conditions… If we look back two years, we really struggled here and this is not the track that suits us.

” "However, we had a problem two years ago. We should have solved it. Obviously, this is not the case and that is why, looking to the future, it is important to use the lessons learned to solve problems." "The most important thing for us is to understand and solve this definitely for next year.

Our main concern is that this could happen on some other races, but not on all tracks. We have to prepare for that situation, ”says Binotto. Such a bad weekend cost them a lot. McLaren drivers won fifth and sixth place, taking their team a 16-point lead in the fight for the third-place constructor.

If they want to stay in that fight in Ferrari, they can't afford races like this anymore. Everything they’ve built over the past weeks and months to be ahead of McLaren has fallen into the water with one bad Sunday in France.