Hamilton: “We have to find a certain pace, that’s for sure"

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Hamilton: “We have to find a certain pace, that’s for sure"

Hamilton led today’s race ahead of Max Verstappen in the opening lap, after the Red Bull driver lost control in the second corner, only to fall behind Max again after going into boxing. Verstappen had mostly less than a second advantage over Hamilton after a tire change, and the team invited him back to boxing at the end of the 32nd lap.

Mercedes stuck to its plan and kept Hamilton on a one-boxing strategy, but the seven-time world champion failed to keep Verstappen behind. "Congratulations Max, he did a great job today." "They had higher speed on the straight all weekend, and given that we had a difficult start to the weekend, I'm really pleased with today's result." We heard Hamilton regularly discuss with the team the condition of his tires throughout the race.

After Verstappen stopped for the second time, Mercedes asked Hamilton for an opinion, but there was no second entry for them. Hamilton felt he had to "stay out" because a response to Verstappen's entry would bring him behind him again: "He was already pretty far ahead, so the only option I really had was to stay out." "There would be undercut again, so he would come out in front, and I couldn't follow him because they are too fast in the straight.

So the only option was to stay outside as long as possible and hope the tires would last. ”

12 points leading

The result also marked Red Bull's third consecutive victory, and an increase in Max's lead to 12 points more than Hamilton.

“We have to find a certain pace, that’s for sure. You can see that most of the time we lost today was only on flat parts. ” “So we have to definitely analyze it deeply, try to understand why it happened, whether it’s power or aerodynamics.

But we still have a good package, ”said Hamilton. Hamilton also said he wasn’t quite sure how he fell behind Verstappen after his first entry into boxing. The situation is starting to get more complicated at this point.

Even those who doubted that Red Bull could dethrone Mercedes are now beginning to be in doubt. Red Bull really looks great, and Verstappen shows how good a driver he is and that this result, but also the previous one, is his merit Mercedes is in growing fear and will try to find a solution for such a good Red Bull in the continuation of the season.