Sainz: “We’ve come back to reality"

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Sainz: “We’ve come back to reality"

Taking the first starting positions in Monaco and Baku, it is understandable that Ferrari will be a little disappointed that they could not go faster than the fifth time in today's free practice for the French Grand Prix.

But despite that, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz said there were still plenty of positive results after today. Both drivers, but also the entire Ferrari team, are aware that by changing the track, their results will not be equally good.

“The feeling with the car was actually decent. The problem is that we know that by returning to this type of track we will not be as good as in Baku or Monaco. ” “We’ve come back to reality, but at the same time, we’re happy to see that the car’s balance isn’t bad,” Sainz said after his day.

Despite finishing second free practice three places ahead of his teammate, Leclerc looked a little less enthusiastic about the car's performance: There was one obstacle during the race and that was the wind that bothered the drivers, and which greatly affected their performance.

“Overall with car balance, this has been a very difficult day for everyone. The wind is very, very strong, so it's pretty awkward to drive. ”

Mental games

Whether it’s part of the mental game or Ferrari really has such low expectations of the upcoming races.

Maybe with these psychological games, they want to take the pressure off themselves and enter the next races with ease “I think it was a little better in FP2, more in line with what we expected here. I think Baku and Monaco were two weekends that were much better than we expected, and here we are a little more in line with what we expected.

” It looks like there will be a close fight in the middle of the standings again. Only 0.529 seconds separate Leclerc in fifth place and Daniel Ricciardo in 14th. Leclerc said he would spend Friday night at Ferrari working on understanding the tires ahead of Saturday’s qualifiers: “It will be very important to put the tires in real working order for tomorrow because it is very difficult to have good settings here with the wind.

It will also be very important to make the car easy to drive in qualifying. ” Ferrari really wasn't as good as on the previous tracks, but there is still a chance that they will show their maximum in the next race, although they don't expect such a good result this time.