Verstappen: "Pirelli have to look for a problem on their side"

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Verstappen: "Pirelli have to look for a problem on their side"
Verstappen: "Pirelli have to look for a problem on their side" (Provided by Sport World News)

The published report on the investigation of the tire blowouts at the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan did not really satisfy the leading driver of the World Cup, Max Verstappen. He and Lance Stroll were the victims of a tire blowout in Baku, and two weeks later it is still a top topic… On the eve of the French Grand Prix, there is still a lot of talk about the last race and the problem with Pirelli tires.

On the street track in Baku, the tires on the cars of Lance Stroll and Max Verstappen canceled their cooperation, which threw both drivers out of the race. Of course, the event is much more important for the Red Bull driver, who is fighting for the title and who was only five laps away from victory until that situation.

Max commented on Pirelli's announcement of the results of the investigation at a press conference on Thursday. The Italian manufacturer claimed that the blowouts occurred due to problems related to the driving conditions in that race, although the teams respected the prescribed parameters regarding the minimum tire pressure.

“They explain that they don’t have tools to measure during the race, but we gave them tire pressure values ​​and they were within the limits they set. If those boundaries are not good, there is nothing we can do, we have kept what is possible within the rules, ”says Verstappen.


“They say they don’t have accurate measurements, and we gave them after the race and it turned out we didn’t do anything wrong, just as Aston Martin." "Then they can't put the blame on us, but I think they have to look for a problem on their side, and we are here, ready to help with anything.

" "The fact that they increased the pressure from Friday to Saturday already means something. Maybe it wasn't enough. We will increase the pressure here, everyone will do it. I hope this time will be enough. " Verstappen believes the report is rather vague and believes the team should not be blamed for these events in any way.

"For me, what they published is a bit unclear. All I can say from our side, the team did everything the way it should have. They followed all the instructions related to tire pressure and similar things, so there is nothing to find there.

” "Pirelli should simply speak openly, then it would be easier to understand what happened. I don't think the explanation we got is enough because the team didn't do anything wrong ", claims the Dutchman.