Hamilton believes that he did not make a mistake in Baku

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Hamilton believes that he did not make a mistake in Baku
Hamilton believes that he did not make a mistake in Baku (Provided by Sport World News)

Mercedes revealed after the race in Baku that Hamilton accidentally activated the switch for the so-called "magic brakes", immediately after the repeated start in the last two laps of the race for the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan.

The braking balance on his car shifted dramatically to the front brakes, which caused a great overheating of the system, and thus the loss of the desired effect. Hamilton said that he did not consider the incident in Baku to be his mistake: "I do not consider it a mistake.

You can't always be perfect, for example, it's considered a mistake to run off the track because of a missed brake point. ” "But it was an unforced mistake, it could have happened at any time, and unfortunately it happened to us at a pretty bad time.

But we have learned something new and we are moving on. ” Asked if Mercedes had managed to move the button position on the back of the steering wheel ahead of the French Grand Prix, Hamilton replied: "We didn't move it, we just put a cover around it so it couldn't be accidentally touched in the future, but it's a short-term solution." "Obviously it's not that easy to change, because everything is designed without the possibility of any shift, so we'll work out a long-term solution in the future."

Conventional track

Lewis said he was looking forward to returning to the "conventional track" this weekend.

He has scored just seven points in the past two races, and Mercedes has especially struggled with tire warming on the street tracks in Monaco and Baku. At Mercedes, they are aware that the last two races have been one of the worst for them, but this will probably be a good lesson for them in the future, to try to correct such mistakes and provide Hamilton with a car where he can show his skills.

“The last two races were definitely very difficult for the whole team. You have to smooth things over and that is definitely a challenge, that's why we learned a lot, ”said Hamilton. No one expected such a bad Mercedes at the beginning of the season, but most are aware that Mercedes has a good chance to get out of this despite all the misfortunes that have befallen them.

The only team that could match them this season is Red Bull, which started the season quite well, but it is important to keep the pace until the very end, which will be very difficult given that we know the qualities of Mercedes but also the experience and skills of their drivers.