Szafnauer brings radical changes to Aston Martin!

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Szafnauer brings radical changes to Aston Martin!

The leadership of the Aston Martin team does not lack ambition. They want to keep up with the best F1 teams, and with that goal in mind, they are working on a new factory and planning to hire additional staff. It seems like a distant past, but just three years ago, the Force India team declared bankruptcy.

It was then bought by Lawrence Stroll, and over a period called Racing Point, the team made it to this season, and now they have the name of the legendary British sports car manufacturer. The start of the season was not good, but the street races in Monte Carlo and Baku brought Aston Martin a significant amount of points, thanks to the fifth and second place of Sebastian Vettel.

With the goal of achieving the best possible results this season, Aston Martin is also working hard to strengthen the foundations of its team for years to come.

New employees

“We added a significant number of people to our team compared to when we were Force India.

The new factory is going according to plan, construction has already begun, and we have a big, big program to bring in new people. ” "We now have about 535 employees, and we will reach approximately 800 or as many as are appropriate with a limited budget.

We work strategically on this and try to hire individuals who are of similar thinking and who want to come work for Aston Martin and race at the highest level. This process is going well for us ", says the head of the team Otmar Szafnauer.

After last season in which Racing Point often acted as the third team in terms of car speed, and at the end of the same won fourth place in the construction standings, expectations were quite high from 2021, but currently, Aston Martin is only sixth in the standings.

Ferrari and McLaren have gone a long way in their battle for third place, while Szafnauer’s team is behind AlphaTauri, despite a good point catch in the last two races. “There is a bigger difference to the team at the top than to those behind us and we have to do a good job later in the season, present certain upgrades, better understand our car, make our drivers feel better in it, and fight as hard as we can to finish as much in order.

It will not be easy, even for the fifth place, but we will do the best we can ", announced Szafnauer. Three races will be held in the next three weeks and it will be a good opportunity for Aston Martin to jump ahead of AlphaTauri, provided of course that good form from previous races continues. The points gap behind the fifth place is only two points.