Wolff eagerly awaits new engines for his drivers

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Wolff eagerly awaits new engines for his drivers

We can triumphantly say we have the interesting championship. After two street races in Monaco and Baku, Mercedes and Red Bull completely changed their psychological position, as well as their positions in the overall ranking of drivers and constructors.

Max Verstappen leads Lewis Hamilton with a four-point advantage, while in the constructors' competition, the Red Bulls lead with a 26-point advantage. Mercedes boss Toto Wolff summed up his impressions of the two very unsuccessful racers of the weekend.

"We came to two street races that didn't fit our car, two races that we knew would be tough for us, and we were very disappointed with the loss of the win and the podium because of our mistakes." "Frustration has shown how much we hold up to high standards and it's something that moves us forward."

Recall, the German team in the races along the Cote d'Azur and the Caspian Sea lost all advantage in this year's championship over the Austrian team. In the Principality, Hamilton won a disappointing seventh place, struggling with the team’s poor strategy throughout the race, while Bottas on a very bizarre one was left without a potential podium.

In Baku, the Finn again showed very bad form by finishing the race without points, while his colleague Lewis had his wheels blocked during the repeated start three laps before the end, and he did not take advantage of Verstappen's withdrawal to take the lead in the championship and he also lost points.


After almost two weeks of rest, the upcoming weekend awaits the French Grand Prix at the Paul Ricard track, not far from Marseille. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the race in France is the first of a total of three racing weekends that await us in just 15 days.

In order for the cars and the teams themselves to withstand this "crazy" racing rhythm as successfully as possible, most teams on the grid expect the delivery of new engines from their powertrain suppliers. Toto Wolff expects a lot from the new and more powerful powertrains coming from the Mercedes factory.

And preferably the new engine provides excellent performance for both of its drivers. The reason for this is the competitive struggle with the faster and more reliable Red Bull, as well as the repair of the reputation of Mercedes damaged during the last two races.

“In Monaco and Baku, we put the W12 in a position where only one of our drivers was able to use the full potential of the car - Valtteri in Monaco and Lewis in Baku." "In this very even and intense fight for the title, we have to deliver a car that will allow our drivers to drive it reliably to its limits. ”