Vettel: "Small details can make a big difference"

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Vettel: "Small details can make a big difference"

After winning the first podium this season at the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan, Sebastian Vettel hopes Aston Martin can continue in good form. The form of four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel seems to be on an upward trajectory.

After four races without points, he finished fifth in Monaco. He also showed his progress in an exciting race in Baku, where after a very good ride, and with a little (un) luck, he finished second. He thus broke a series of eight races without winning a podium.

Before the race in Azerbaijan, he last climbed the podium last year in Turkey. In an interview after the last race, Vettel said: “I think it’s clear that at this high level of racing all drivers can drive very fast, so small details can make a big difference.

From the start of the season until now, it probably took me a little longer to get used to the new car than I wanted, but I was sure that at some point I would ‘click’ with the car, and Monaco was obviously very successful."

"I think it was a good result and it helped me. A good result reduces the pressure because at every beginning of the season the expectations are high. That's why it was important to achieve a good result. "

Aston Martin form

Fans and members of the Aston Martin team expected the continuation of strong form from last year and good results at the very beginning of the season this year.

Although this is the first season for Aston Martin since 1960, such expectations are not a surprise. The team from Silverstone, which is racing this year under the name Aston Martin, until last year competed under the name Racing Point.

Although the team has a rich history, last year's fourth place in the constructors' standings is their best result. It was a nice reward for the strong form they showed last season, winning several podiums and one spectacular victory.

But it seems that the changes in the rules during the winter break have harmed the teams that have the concept of low-slope cars, namely Mercedes and Aston Martin. And while Mercedes has managed to make up for lost time and is still fighting for the top of the standings, Aston Martin has failed to maintain strong form since last year.

Vettel admitted in the interview that he expected better form and better results at the beginning of the season, but encouraged by the good results in the last two races, he is sure that Aston Martin can continue in good form during the upcoming weekend when the French GP is run.

"We had a difficult start to the season. We expected a little more after such a successful result last year. " Vettel admitted and added