Valteri Bottas expects negotiations to begin soon

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Valteri Bottas expects negotiations to begin soon

Valtteri Bottas wants to secure a future at Mercedes this summer. The Finn knows that the time for negotiating is coming and securing a place in Formula 1. The race in Baku was not the race to remember, he finished in a bad 12th place, and in Monaco, it was not great because he gave up after changing tires because the screw on the front right wheel was worn out and they could not replace it.

As his contract with the current champions expires at the end of this year, he was asked if he has started talks on a new contract with Mercedes. "First of all, we haven't talked about it yet because the championship is quite demanding and you know how much peace is needed at work, that is, the focus on more important things, and that is performance."

"The time will come, it's sure. Not yet, but time flies, especially when we have three tied racing weekends so we won’t have enough time for those conversations." "I think we could start talking about the contract in a month.

From my experience so far, I know how good it is for everyone to get rid of everything as soon as possible. It will be soon, but not now, ”Valtteri said.


Teams like McLaren, Ferrari, and Aston Martin have secure contracts with drivers for 2022, and Max Verstappen is long-term tied for Red Bull.

Bottas was asked about his future and said he still has many years ahead of him. “I’m pretty open-minded, about life in general. You should always take every opportunity offered because you don’t know what life brings you."

"Of course, you need to have clear goals in life, which is what you strive for. It has always been my guiding thread, and I also always listen to my heart and follow what attracts me. ” “I still enjoy Formula 1, of course mostly in racing at the top.

I enjoy it as much as I did in my first year with Mercedes, without a doubt. ” "When I look at the bigger picture, there are still a few good years ahead of me. I think that year after year I am progressing in certain areas."

"I’m far from the status of the oldest driver on the grid so theoretically I still have time, but you don’t know what the future holds. I’m thinking weekend after weekend and we’ll see what happens, ”Bottas concluded.