McLaren wants to be better in qualifications

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McLaren wants to be better in qualifications

McLaren must improve their qualifying form if they want to achieve better results and get all the potential out of the car after they got stuck behind the slower cars in the race several times this season due to poor qualifications and lost the chance for a better result.

Since the first race of the new season McLaren holds third place in the constructors' standings, but after the last race in Azerbaijan Ferrari overtook them by two points thanks to fourth and eighth place for Leclerc and Sainz while Norris and Ricciardo finished fifth and ninth.

Due to Norris ’penalty and Ricciardo’s relegation in Q2, McLaren drivers started the race from 9th and 13th while Ferrari drivers started first and fourth, and McLaren is aware they will have to improve their performance on Saturday to have a better chance on Sunday.

“Yes, absolutely,” Seidl said when asked if the result of the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan was a good limitation of damage. “If you start 9th and 13th and are in 12th and 13th place after the first corners, then it definitely is.

When you finish fifth and ninth, one position per car behind Ferrari, then it is clear that this is the limit of damage. " "In the end, we have to be closer to the top on Saturday and then Sunday will be much easier.

Because I think we had the speed here to follow the rhythm of the driver at the top, but once you're on the train you can't do much. "

Normal race

“But in the end, both drivers did a good job, they stayed calm in a tough race.

That's why we are happy to have lost only four points to Ferrari, which is a good result after a disappointing Saturday. " “If it was a normal race, it would be clear that Mercedes and Red Bull are ahead. But it could have been very interesting, for example with the Ferrari tire degradation.

” "That's why it's hard to say what would be in a normal race. Also, it’s hard to say what it would have been like if we were where we were supposed to be on Saturday in terms of car performance, but in the end, it doesn’t count.

You have to be good on both Saturday and Sunday. ” “Everyone continues to develop their cars and everyone understands them better and better. That is why it is difficult to draw conclusions about the balance of power on certain tracks.

But what is positive, if we ignore the qualifications, is that we are all closer to Red Bull and Mercedes. ” “It’s encouraging because we’ve taken a step forward as a team. But unfortunately, others have taken similar steps so that they can fight these teams in the future. ”