Verstappen does not want his team to repeat BMW's mistake

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Verstappen does not want his team to repeat BMW's mistake

Max Verstappen believes that his team must not repeat BMW's mistake from 2008 when the German constructor decided to stop the development of the car earlier, even though they had a chance for the title with Robert Kubica.

BMW had the most competitive car in its four-year F1 episode from 2006 to the end of 2009 in 2008, and Kubica won a pole position in Bahrain that year, seven podiums and one win in Canada, which was enough for him to finish fourth in the drivers' standings, with the same number of points as Raikkonen in Ferrari (75 points, 23 less than champions Hamilton).

Although BMW was slower than Ferrari and McLaren all season, the gap was not that big and Kubica managed to use the mistakes of Hamilton, Raikkonen, and Massa several times, and the most extreme example of that was his victory in Canada after Hamilton knocked himself out of the race with Raikkonen But in order to focus as soon as possible on the big rule change for 2009 and its new car, BMW has previously stopped the development of the current F1.08 car even though Kubica led in the driver’s standings after the Canadian GP (7th of 18 races) and the four leading drivers were within just two points after exactly half the season.

Verstappen after the race

“My opinion is that as long as we have a good chance of winning the title, we should not stop the development of the car,” Verstappen said after the race in Baku. "Of course it's hard to say, this year is challenging, but next year we can also win.

You just don't know. " "But if we see an opportunity this year then, of course, we want to use it." When asked about BMW, which dropped out of the title race due to the early stoppage of car development for 2008, and at the same time failed to design a competitive car for 2009, Verstappen was clear.

“That’s exactly why we have to keep going [with the development of the car],” said Verstappen, who has six points more than Hamilton after six races. "I think we have enough people on the team who can develop a good car for next year."

Kubica also commented on the situation at BMW 2008 last year. “Unfortunately, exactly what I feared happened,” said the Pole, who is currently a test and backup driver for Alfa Romeo’s F1 team.