Alonso does not believe Ferrari can continue at the same pace

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Alonso does not believe Ferrari can continue at the same pace

Fernando Alonso says their rivals from Ferrari will not be able to maintain the same level of performance as in the last two races as the rapid warming up of the tires has allowed them to achieve better results than expected.

Ferrari have improved significantly from last season and are fighting McLaren for third place in the constructors' standings, and in the last two races in Monaco, they shocked their rivals by winning two consecutive pole positions won by Leclerc.

Although Leclerc failed to start in Monaco, Sainz managed to finish second, while in Baku Leclerc fell in the standings and eventually finished fourth, although both Verstappen and Hamilton dropped out of the fight for the top spot.

Alonso achieved the best result of the season in Baku and finished sixth, commenting on Alpine's form and expectations ahead of the continuation of the season and emphasizing that he expects Ferrari not to be able to maintain the same level of performance in other races.

“We lost some performance in Monaco and Baku,” Alonso said. “It was worse in Monaco while we were closer in Baku, but I think we need to get back to the form we showed in Barcelona and Portimao. We hope to be able to return to that level of performance from France.

Street tracks

“On-street tracks, tire preparation helps our rivals raise the level of their performance. Now they are fighting for pole position, but we do not believe that it is up to the improvement on the car, it is because of the way they heat the tires on the street tracks.

” "But after this, there are no more street tracks. Even Singapore dropped out. So maybe we can go back to a more normal performance. ” Ferrari F1 team boss Mattia Binotto thinks similarly to Alonso and says Mercedes and Red Bull are still stronger than Ferrari.

“I think the two cars in front of us are still stronger, no doubt,” Binotto said after Baku. "It's great to have a pole position in both Monaco and Baku, but I don't think that shows our real performance.

I think the two cars are still stronger than us. ” "But we are making progress. We are making progress because we are learning about the car and using it better than at the beginning of the season. And we know we need some more improvements.

” "In general, we are where we are. In the race, we hoped for a slightly better performance after qualifying. We certainly need to improve our speed in the race, but in general, I don't think we had a bad performance when we had a clean track ahead of us. ”