Charles Leclerc: “We’re still pretty far"

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Charles Leclerc: “We’re still pretty far"

Although two consecutive pole positions are a big deal for Ferrari, based on what happened during the race in Baku, it could be seen how much the Italian team is still lagging behind Mercedes and Red Bull. Charles Leclerc also commented on that, and he also touched on his teammates - former and current.

The first starting positions were won in the qualifications for the Grand Prix of Monaco and Azerbaijan did not bring Charles Leclerc and Ferrari the desired success in those races. In Monte Carlo, Charles did not even start due to car problems, and in Baku, he quickly fell in the standings and eventually finished fourth.

Shortly after the start, he was overtaken by Lewis Hamilton in a Mercedes and both Red Bull drivers, which is not as much of a problem as Ferrari can be hurt by being beaten by Aston Martin and AlphaTauri and having their drivers on the podium in a race.

Hamilton and Verstappen didn't finish the race. “We’re still pretty far,” Leclerc said of comparing Ferrari’s speed to Mercedes and Red Bull cars. "In Formula 1, everything takes time, so if you look at the differences on a normal track like Spain, you can see that we are very far away.

We have a lot of work ahead of us, but on the other hand, there is a great opportunity in 2022 with new rules. ”

New rules

“I hope the rules next year will be simpler, with a little less freedom in terms of what can be developed, so that all cars are more even."

"That is what the fans want, but also what we drivers want. We want to be able to make a difference, which is not possible at the moment because cars make too much of a difference. ” In the race in Baku, Leclerc's former teammate, Sebastian Vettel, came to the podium.

He was without a point for four races and then entered the fifth place in Monte Carlo and second in Baku. “I was very surprised by the performance of Aston Martin. I didn’t expect them to be that fast. I wonder how they managed to take such a step forward.

As far as Seb is concerned, I am extremely happy for him that he finished second. ” “I have always been impressed by his experience and excellent analytical skills. I learned a lot from Seb in that regard. He is a driver who pays a lot of attention to detail and that makes a big difference on the track. Besides, Seb is a very good person. ”