Verstappen believes it was important to win points in Baku

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Verstappen believes it was important to win points in Baku

Red Bull had an obvious advantage over Mercedes in Monaco and Baku. The street tracks were very much in favor of the "Bulls", so Max Verstappen additionally regrets the victory at the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan, which he lost due to a flat tire.

With the victory in Monte Carlo, Max Verstappen took the lead in the overall standings, and everything pointed to further strengthening that lead in the race in the capital of Azerbaijan. The Dutchman led, Lewis Hamilton was third, which would mean ten more points in favor of Verstappen, but a flat tire at the end of the 46th lap of the race changed everything.

Max dropped out of the race, there was break after that, and on restart Hamilton had a wheel lock and he finished in the back of the standings. Thus, the difference remained the same as before Baku - 105 points Max, 101 Lewis.

Verstappen expects that the return to the "normal" tracks will bring a better form of Mercedes, so he further regrets the loss of points. “I am still upset and disappointed because we needed to increase that advantage in the championship.

It was unfortunate for me, and then I still had a bit of luck that Lewis didn’t win points."

"Normal" tracks

"Of course that’s not what we wanted. We had to record a routine victory because we seemed to have a certain advantage over Mercedes on the street tracks, which is good.

” "However, because of that, we wanted to create a bigger point difference. When we get back to normal, I know it will be very difficult to beat them, ”says Verstappen. The return to these "normal" tracks will arrive next week.

The French Grand Prix is ​​driven first, and then the caravan travels to Austria, where it will be driven for the next two weekends. Verstappen believes that fierce battles between Red Bull and Mercedes will be fought on these tracks again, and when asked if Lewis made mistakes because of the pressure he found himself under, the Dutchman replied: "I mean, everyone's trying to do their best, right? I’m not going to say he made mistakes because he feels pressure.

Everyone gives their best, and the same goes for me." "Surely this year his rival is not only his teammate, he has to fight against other teams. It gives the fight a different dimension, which in my opinion is great for sports.

” "Like I said, when we get back to those permanent tracks, Mercedes will come back and a really tough fight awaits us."