Perez: "I am very sorry for Max because he deserved the win"

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Perez: "I am very sorry for Max because he deserved the win"

Sergio Perez is delighted after his first win for Red Bull but says he is sorry for Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton at the same time because they lost their podium finishes at the end of the race. Perez, after poor qualifiers that finished seventh, started sixth after Norris ’penalty and broke through to fourth in the first laps before overtaking Leclerc in the eighth lap and coming in third behind Hamilton and Verstappen.

After staying on the track longer than Hamilton, Perez overtook the current world champion through boxing and kept him behind him for the rest of the race, and when Verstappen had a flat tire he took the lead ahead of the restart.


Although Hamilton got off to a better start, Perez braked as late as he could and managed to pass the first corner as Hamilton blocked the wheels and extended straight, paving the way for Perez’s first win for Red Bull and his second in his F1 career.

“We love Baku! It’s an amazing feeling to win for Red Bull for the first time, the team did a great job and I want to thank Mr. Mateschitz for a great opportunity and for giving me a driver's seat, ”said Perez.

“I am very sorry for Max because he deserved the win and it would be great if we could achieve 1-2 for the team. It was a crazy race, we were at full gas from the first lap and Lewis was pressing me that I couldn’t breathe.

It was very challenging, but we kept the focus. ” "Everything was perfect except for the restart when I just didn't have any grip. I thought I couldn't lose this race two laps before the end so I braked as late as I could and then I saw Lewis block the wheels and continue straight.

” “It just shows how much we’re at the border and what speeds we’re driving and I’m sorry Lewis because it’s very painful when something like that happens to you. But we are all vulnerable to mistakes.

” “We have to enjoy this result, our speed was great and we had a very good car in the race. We work hard to do our best from week to week, it’s only the sixth race and there’s a lot more to the end. The relationship between me and Max is great and it's a lot until the end of the championship. "