Hamilton: "This is one of the hardest moments I've had after a long time"

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Hamilton: "This is one of the hardest moments I've had after a long time"

Lewis Hamilton says that the mistake that caused him to lose the podium at the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan is one of the most difficult moments in a long time and he explained how the front wheels were blocked. Hamilton spent most of the race behind Verstappen and Perez, and after Verstappen gave up due to a flat rear tire burst, the Briton held second place ahead of the race’s restart, three laps before the end.

The current world champion got off to a great start and was parallel to Perez on the eve of braking for the first corner, but he blocked the front wheels on braking and went into the barriers in the first corner after which he was overtaken by all drivers.

"An unfortunate day, a humble experience and I am very sorry for the team," said Hamilton, who still has four points less than Verstappen after this race. "We did a good job of being in the position we were in today after we were out of the top ten on Friday and came back after the hard work of everyone on the team." "When Checo headed towards me on the restart, I turned the steering wheel and accidentally turned the switch that shifts the brake balance [forward], and that led to the wheels locking." "This is one of the hardest moments I've had after a long time, at one point we had a lot of points, and the next one none." "But I'm sure we'll be back."

Toto Wolff was disappointed

Toto Wolff was disappointed after Mercedes' 55-point streak from the 2018 Grand Prix was interrupted, and the last time they ran out of points was at the Austrian Grand Prix when both Bottas and Hamilton gave up.

“We didn’t have a competitive car in Monaco and that's,it” Wolff said. “We have problems and we do not bring the car to a good area with tires. We know what shortcomings we have to overcome, but I have no doubt in this team that is so strong and so angry after this that we will turn that anger into positive form and come back.

” And indeed Mercedes did not start the season the way most expected. Enough misfortune for Hamilton, but also mistakes that cost him. Mercedes will have to think carefully about what the problem is in order to return to the expected form