Fernando Alonso believes in the potential of the car

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Fernando Alonso believes in the potential of the car

After saying on Thursday that it was only a matter of time before he would reach top speed at Alpine, Fernando Alonso showed on Friday that he was on the right track. He achieved his sixth-best time in the second free practice for the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan, but he believes that he can still make progress, but he also feels relief after the disappointing Grand Prix of Monaco.

The two-time world champion finished the first free practice in Baku in ninth place, and in the second he reached the sixth position with only six tenths behind the leader. He explained that the improved pace was the result of his efforts to build confidence on the city’s narrow streets, hinting that he could get an even better result out of his car.

"Friday was good. On the street track, you have to build self-confidence and do clean workouts on Friday, drive as many laps as possible, and I think we managed to achieve that goal." "We did the job on Friday and I think we can get more potential out of the car and be faster on Saturday, but I am satisfied with what has been done so far, "said the Spaniard.


Alonso can be happy with the pace after being eliminated in Monaco in the first qualifying round and finishing the race as the thirteenth, his worst placement in the Principality. "After Monaco, we had some insecurities.

We struggled there, and as this is another street race, we had to see if we would have a competitive weekend." "Everything seems to be fine. The car works properly and we are satisfied with that. As I said before, we always want to find extra speed and be even better the next day.

It will be the same for everyone, but we will try to do our job ", added Fernando. Alonso also revealed his goal for Saturday’s qualifiers, which is to place in the top ten for the first time since the Spanish Grand Prix.

"The goal is always to win Q3, that is, to start among the top ten. I think we have a chance for that after a good Friday, so we will try to do a good Saturday as well ", Alonso concluded Alpine is in an uncertain fight in the middle of the standings, and on the eve of the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan, they are one point behind AlphaTauri, and two points behind Aston Martin.