Norris: "I think it looks very close between us, AlphaTauri, Alpine, and other"

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Norris: "I think it looks very close between us, AlphaTauri, Alpine, and other"

McLaren has had many ups and downs in today’s free practice. Ricciardo finished fifth in FP1, while Norris finished eighth, twisting in the 16th turn in a quick lap. But the team seemed to be back in FP2 to some extent, Norris finished in eighth place again, but with as much as nine-tenths of a lag behind leading Red Bull Sergio Perez, while Ricciardo took only 13th place, with 1,183 behind.

Although he did not have such a good result, Norris looked satisfied after the race. He failed to catch the pace in free practice but he seems to be aware that Ferrari and Red Bull are far ahead of them and that they will hardly be able to match them until the end of the season.

However, Norris is confident about the car and believes in his abilities as well as the team's ability to improve the car and thus achieve even better results. “I think it looks very close between us, AlphaTauri, Alpine, and others.

Ferrari and Red Bull look pretty far ahead of us, so it’s going to be tough. Entering Q3 will be the main target and we will see what we can do by then. ” "But things are good. I think the car feels pretty good.

I’m pretty confident about the car, only some things need to be improved. We are somewhere, but not exactly where we want to be, ”said Norris. Monaco was pretty tough for Daniel Ricciardo. But after working many miles in a McLaren simulator, the 2017 Baku winner today seemed pleased with his progress in the MCL35M car:


On the other hand, Ricciardo believes that many teams will be in the race and that the nuances will decide in the end.

Ricciardo didn't have such a good ride but he looked as optimistic as Norris “It wasn’t bad, I think it was a pretty productive day. I think it was a bit messy in the afternoon, a lot of virtual safety cars and we couldn't do fast laps on the soft tire component.

So we certainly have room for improvement here. ” “A few tenths probably brings us to P6 or P7. We have a bit of work to do tonight, but I think this is going to be a pretty ‘close’ weekend. There are a lot of teams that can be in the top ten.

” Ferrari's strong performance in Baku will be worrying for McLaren, which has only a two-point advantage in the constructors' rankings.