Hamilton believes that he reacted wrongly after Monaco

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Hamilton believes that he reacted wrongly after Monaco

Lewis Hamilton was quite critical of his team after the Monaco Grand Prix and seventh place in the finish. The seven-time champion has now admitted that some things still needed to be said "behind closed doors" "It's natural that in that hot-headed moment you don't always say what you should.

I think constructive criticism is always a good thing, but it's best to say it behind closed doors and we've always done that. " "I don't think there is one person to blame. I was part of the decision-making process and after re-analyzing everything that was happening again - there are some things I may have said that may have caused a domino effect.

” "We know we could have been better, but that one race can't define us. Of course you always want more and better. Like I said, we win and lose as a team. We keep pushing and we hope for better results. "


In front of Hamilton is now the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan, the track on which Mercedes has won three out of four times.

“This is a slightly different track with different requirements. Obviously, the temperatures will be different [than in Monaco]. I think this is going to be challenging in a different way. I don't think our performance will be the same as in the last race.

" Regarding the flexibility of the rear wings, Hamilton concluded: "As for my opinion - it really doesn't change anything. I’m not trying to make headlines with that. I heard about it, I said what I think and the fact is that they passed the tests that were set for this weekend.

We continue in the same tone. " "Of course, it brings advantage on the straight. It can bring solid time, but we will try to be the best we can and in the future we hope that the measurements of these things will work better.

” Mercedes started this season very badly and everyone in the team is aware of that, from Wolff to Hamilton. The team that has dominated in previous years seems to have lost motivation and as if they do not have the same desire as before.

Still, no one doubts that Mercedes will return to its old form and that Hamilton and Bottas will show why they are favorites. Mercedes still has the best chances for the champion, but they will have a much harder time than it used to be