Toto Wolff is not optimistic before the race in Baku

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Toto Wolff is not optimistic before the race in Baku

Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff believes their F1 W12 car will not fit the street track in Baku and that Red Bull will be strong again, and says his team has learned some key lessons after scoring just seven points. For the first time since the 2018 German Grand Prix, Mercedes does not lead in the driver and constructor rankings, and Verstappen took the lead in the driver rankings for the first time in his career thanks to the victory in Monaco and seventh place for Hamilton.

To make Mercedes' weekend in Monaco even worse, the incident during the change of tires for Bottas, in which the mechanics could not remove the front right wheel, made the Finn have to give up while holding second place.

“Weekends like Monaco are the ones that make you come back,” Wolff said. "Nothing comes easily in sports and that's why we love it. We know that if you are not 100% or even close to that, then they will bite you.

” "On Monday morning, I saw the same energy as when we returned after the test in Bahrain, and I'm thrilled."


Wolff is aware that other teams have made a lot of progress and a difficult fight for points awaits him, but he believes that they can achieve a good result regardless of the track.

“We analyzed the weekend, asked ourselves some difficult questions, and learned some key lessons. I wish we could go back to racing last weekend. ” "Baku is the next race that is very different from Monaco, but we expect it to be another difficult weekend for us because the characteristics of the track do not match our F1 W12."

"Red Bull will be strong again, and Ferrari and McLaren have made great strides recently." "The key will be to take advantage of the opportunities that come our way on tracks that don't fit our car - when the points are there, we have to grab them."

“There will be ups and downs in this fight which is exciting for the sport and for us. We expect another challenge on the street track and after the results of the last race we are more determined than ever to fight back in Baku.

” The last time Mercedes scored just seven points in a race happened at the Sakhir GP when Russell replaced Hamilton and when he and Bottas finished only eighth and ninth after problematic tire changes.