Sainz believes Norris can achieve great success in Baku

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Sainz believes Norris can achieve great success in Baku

Carlos Sainz believes his former team-mate Lando Norris and his former McLaren team may be excited ahead of the arrival of Formula 1 in Baku because of the track configuration that will suit their MCL35M car. Ferrari was in the convincingly best form this season in Monaco, so Leclerc won the pole position ahead of Verstappen, Bottas, and Sainz in the second Ferrari, and Leclerc did not start the race due to axle problems while Sainz finished second.

Ferrari's form was favored by the configuration of the track in Monaco with slow turns and a lack of long routes, and Norris told Sainz on the eve of the weekend that he had a chance to win, which proved to be correct.

At a press conference after Monaco, Sainz and Norris touched on the topic, and Sainz decided to put a little pressure on Norris ahead of Baku and said he and his team can look forward to the next race. “On the eve of Baku, I don’t think we’re going to be the best on that long route, but at the same time, if we can catch up on time in the slow part of the track then we should be fine,” Sainz said.

“I think on the eve of Baku my friend Lando Norris should be excited because he has a rocket on straight parts and the car is definitely not bad. He was not bad last year in Monza and Monaco. So I might bet on you, ”Sainz told Norris.

"You know, he put pressure on me on the eve of the weekend in Monaco, saying that I might have a chance to win. You were right, and now we'll see if I'm right about Baku. "

Norris on McLaren

Norris says he didn’t think McLaren would be good in Monaco, where they ended up being the fourth fastest team, but due to problems for Bottas, Leclerc, Perez, and Hamilton they managed to end up on the podium.

"We struggled a lot in Barcelona and I think that's why we thought we wouldn't be competitive in Monaco," said Norris. “But that has changed, we are still learning about the car even though it is quite similar to last year.

But there are some changes that have definitely affected the car. ” "We're better in some places, maybe we're a little worse in some other places, but considering we thought we weren't going to be good it turned out pretty well."

“I don’t think it’s good to set too high expectations,” Norris commented ahead of Baku. "But I'll be in front of Carlos."