Brawn doubts that the protests against Red Bull will be successful

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Brawn doubts that the protests against Red Bull will be successful

The FIA ​​has announced that they will introduce new tests to check the flexibility of the back wing ahead of the French Grand Prix after suspicions have arisen that certain teams are using the ‘gray zones’ of the regulations.

Questionnaires about Red Bull's rear wing surfaced in Barcelona over the weekend following Hamilton's comments that Red Bull's rear wing was too flexible. There have been suggestions that the Red Bull has a more flexible rear wing that ‘rotates’ in the direction for better top speed, but then returns to its normal position in corners for maximum downforce.

However, from the camp, the Austrian teams stated that their design was given the green light and that it had passed FIA tests to check the flexibility of the rear end. The head of Red Bull believes that there will be no problems with their car since the car has passed all the tests where it turned out that there is no problem.

"Of course, all cars are thoroughly checked and must pass various tests. The FIA ​​is pleased with our car that has passed all these rigorous tests, "said the Red Bull boss.


Shortly afterward, the Bulls launched a counterattack, saying that Mercedes' front wing was not according to the rules and that they would raise the question of the legality of the German team's front wing.

Passions flared up again in Monaco were tensions between Red Bull and Mercedes rose again. The Silver Arrows announce a protest against the Milton Keynes team. However, the head of Formula 1 - Ross Brawn - admits that he would be "stunned" if the protest against the flexible rear wing of Red Bull at the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan could be successful.

Speaking to ESPN, Brawn says he believes the FIA ​​is consistent in enforcing the rules and that any such protest like Mercedes or McLaren is likely to fail. It seems that the FIA is an organization that is too serious, and that they did not allow themselves such a mistake.

"No, I don't think so," Brawn said when asked if a possible protest against Red Bull would be successful. "I think the FIA ​​was pretty clear in its approach," he added. "I would be amazed if the judges objected to the FIA's opinion." Still, nothing is over yet. If there is a protest, some things could change, but the chances of such a thing are small.

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