Schumacher: "I have huge respect for Vettel"

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Schumacher: "I have huge respect for Vettel"

The good relationship between Mick Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel is visible from weekend to weekend, and the newcomer in Formula 1 really appreciates the advice of a more experienced compatriot… Last year, Sebastian Vettel remained the only German among permanent drivers in Formula 1.

Only Nico Hülkenberg represented Germany in three races as a replacement for Racing Point drivers. This year, a young German - Mick Schumacher - finally appeared on the grid. The first part of the season showed Seb somehow embracing his compatriot and actively trying to help him adjust to Formula 1.

Similarly did Mick’s father Michael, who raced against Vettel between 2010 and 2012. Sebastian and Mick can often be seen talking during some off-track activities, and the help of the four-time world champion means a lot to the young Schumacher.

"I think we can call it friendship, which is very nice for me. I have huge respect for him, he has so much experience and there are many things I can learn from him, ”said Mick. “The most important piece of advice he gave me would be to never forget why I am here.

Because of his love of sports. Once that gets lost, then you’re in the wrong place." "So yes, I enjoy life. I'm doing the best job in the world. And I think it's great to have someone like him, who will give me some advice here and there.


Debut season

Schumacher’s debut season is about learning and adaptation. His team does not have a competitive car, nor any great ambitions in this championship, but has focused most of its resources on creating a competitive car for 2022.

Of the five races so far, Schumacher has been more successful in four than his teammate Nikita Mazepin, and he emphasizes that the trust between him and the team is constantly growing. “The team is a big, big part of my development.

I draw confidence from the team because they have tremendous confidence in us drivers, and I have great confidence in my team." "This connection is developing very rapidly at this point and this will be felt at the time difference.

In the end, we will get to those even faster laps thanks to that strong connection within the team, ”says Schumacher. At the last race in Monaco, Mick did not have a particularly good time. He broke the car in the third free practice, and later in the weekend he remained at the back of the standings. He will be able to show how much he learned at the end of this week in the capital of Azerbaijan.