New rule: Penalty for drivers who cause a red flag

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New rule: Penalty for drivers who cause a red flag

Following the situation that occurred in the final round of qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix, the question arises as to whether the rules should be changed and the driver who causes the red flag should be punished in some way.

Charles Leclerc set the best time in his Ferrari in the first fast lap, but Q3 in Monaco had to be interrupted because the temporary owner of the pole position ended up in a protective barrier. Some drivers were still in the fast lap, but due to the red flag they had to give up those attempts, and it was confirmed to Leclerc his first starting position.

Consequently, debates have arisen over whether such a system is fair. One of the drivers breaks the car and interrupts the session, thus preventing his rivals from setting better times, and he does not feel any consequences from the rules.

If he had not been prevented by a malfunction on the car, Leclerc would have started most normally from first place on Sunday.

Masi on the new rule

One of the suggestions that have emerged is the application of the rules from the IndyCar series.

The driver who causes the red flag: His previously set time will be annulled, and Formula 1 race director Michael Masi says the proposal will be considered. "As with any situation that arises, the FIA ​​will discuss the situation with Formula 1 and the teams and assess the best solution.

I know about the rule from IndyCar, such a rule is applied in many other international FIA series, as well as national championships around the world. " "We will discuss this with all key stakeholders and decide whether it would be acceptable or not," Masi said.

The drivers did not complain too much after the qualifications. Asked if it was okay for Leclerc to retain the right to start from first place, those who were Charles ’main rivals and field contenders - Verstappen and Bottas - commented that there was no reason to change the rules.

"I do not think that laps should be annulled in the future. In my opinion, it would not be fair because we all work hard and it is not easy to drive here at the limit. On the other hand, it is easy to make a mistake, ”said Verstappen.

The Mercedes Finn had a similar attitude: “The rules are fine. That's how it is. Sometimes things don't go your way in sports, and sometimes you get lucky. It's happening. "