Sainz on Norris: “He has a bit of a rocket on the straight"

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Sainz on Norris: “He has a bit of a rocket on the straight"

Former and current McLaren drivers Carlos Sainz Jr. and Lando Norris finished their race on the podium in the last race for the Monaco Grand Prix on the streets of Monte Carlo last weekend. Sainz was second, while Norris finished the race as third.

According to what we could see in the post-race statement, the Spaniard and the Briton maintained a very good and friendly relationship, which they had while sharing the British team’s garage together for two years.

It should be added that the celebration for the "riding horse" was half, given that Charles Leclerc had to give up before the race began due to a malfunction on the left axle of the car. Lando Norris predicted such a good Ferrari result, sending messages to his former teammate from McLaren immediately on the race weekend in which he had expressed his belief in the good speed of Ferrari in Monaco.

Sainz after the race

In a statement after the race, the Spaniard commented on the strength of his former team's car, which is powered by Mercedes power units this season, as well as the fact that he still expects very good performance from his friend Lando, especially in another street race in Baku, which will take a place less than two weeks.

“I think if anyone should be excited about Baku then it’s my friend Lando Norris, the one on my left,” Sainz was in the mood. “He has… something like a rocket in the direction, and the car was definitely not bad last year in Monza or Monaco, so I might bet on you (Norris).

He put me under pressure before the race weekend, saying I might have a chance to win. ” Pointing to Norris, Sainz adds, “You were right of course. And now let's see if I'm right about Baku. " Sainz is of course not wrong.

Despite a very bad weekend for McLaren’s second driver Daniel Ricciardo, in which Norris even overpass him for a full lap in the race, the Australian achieved top speed on the course of the race. Mercedes power units are achieving great results this season and the confirmation of that is Lando Norris, which leads the "rest of the world" in third place in the overall ranking of drivers with 56 points.

On the other hand, the young Briton shared his impressions of the race in Monaco, as well as his expectations for the further course of the season. "I don't think it's good to set too high expectations."

Continuing his statement, Norris commented on the upcoming race: “We will see. Sainz and Verstappen are very fast on the tracks… You need good speed on the tracks, just as you need to have a lot of confidence in braking with little grip, but we'll see. ”