Palmer on Ricciardo: "Something's wrong here, it's very unusual."

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Palmer on Ricciardo: "Something's wrong here, it's very unusual."

Jolyon Palmer finds Daniel Ricciardo's poor form at McLaren “very unusual”, especially as the other drivers who changed teams this year have slowly started to get better and catch up with teammates. In Monaco, Ricciardo's teammate Landi Norris overtook him by a full lap and reached the podium, while the Australian failed to even get into points.

"Something's wrong here, it's very unusual." Palmer is surprised by Ricciardo's form because it is noticeable that Ricciardo is not doing what he set out to do, and that he seems to find it difficult to race.

We still know what the problem is, but it is certain that his form will be better and better as the season progresses. "Five races are behind us, let's wait a little longer… Let's say he had a good race in Barcelona and beat Lando.

He was even better in qualifying in Bahrain. ” "This weekend was strange, it's unusual how much he's struggling. Also if we look at Imola - he was far behind Norris there and struggled in the rain, in the dry, and in qualifying.

Then we could say that everyone who changed team was struggling. "

Vettel and Perez

Palmer also commented on Vettel, who really looks better and seems to be slowly getting used to his car. “A couple of races later - Vettel finished fifth in Aston Martin with an excellent ride.

He caught and now even he is getting faster than Stroll. ” "Perez was in the first starting line in Imola. Okay, he had bad qualifiers in Monaco, but then he had a good race and showed at times that he was improving.

Even when he's not doing well - his lag behind Max is much smaller than Ricciardo's behind Norris. " Ricciardo may find relief in the fact that Fernando Alonso is still struggling with Esteban Ocon at Alpine. "Ricciardo and Alonso are cases you have to wonder… Alonso has been absent for a couple of years, but the question is he still as good as he used to be?" "There is no such question for Ricciardo, we know how good he is.

He's brilliant in Monaco and we’ve seen that in past years. This year has been really unusual. ” Ricciardo will have to sit down and see what his main problem is and what needs to change in his tactics and his races.

There may be some problems with the car, but we still don't know. No matter what, Ricciardo will surely get in shape and be the Ricciardo we are used to watching