Mazepin: "I wanted to race fair because I know the race is long"

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Mazepin: "I wanted to race fair because I know the race is long"

Nikita Mazepin says he left enough space for Mick Schumacher to pass him in the first round of the Monaco Grand Prix. The Russian lost his position in the former Loews bend to a teammate, only to later regain that position after Schumacher had problems with the drive unit.

Interestingly, Schumacher made up for all that lag very quickly, but the team told him not to try to threaten Mazepin again, but to enter the finish line without much drama. However, with the 17th and 18th positions, they remained far beyond the points.

Mazepin, however, turned out to be fair and tried to avoid a collision. Indeed, most Formula 1 drivers should emulate Mazepin who could have made a risky move and thus endangered both himself and the opposing driver, but decided that fair play was still his style of play.

"It simply came to our notice then. It’s one of those bends that’s too slow even for Formula 1. When you’re fighting for 19th or 18th position and there’s a high risk that you’ll end up there - I didn’t want to get back to the garage and be responsible for the crash.

I wanted to race fair because I know the race is long. ” It is probably for this reason that Schumacher decided to be fair when certain problems arose. Both drivers acted collegially and showed how other drivers should behave

Schumacher was correct

Mazepin says Schumacher was also correct when he found out for technical problems: "There were no misunderstandings.

That's the way it is sometimes in life. ” “I was very honest in the first round, he was very honest later. I think we have a good relationship with the team and it should stay that way. ” The race in Baku could be a turning point for Mazepin, considering that the track in Baku is something that suits them, so for that reason Mazepin could achieve a better result than usual.

Mazepin says Haas could be more competitive on a track that requires less downforce like Baku: "Let's say it's a completely different challenge. Monaco was a track with a high demand for downforce, and we don’t have it.

I think we could have a chance in Azerbaijan because the engine is better this season. ” "We don't have a lot of downforces, but you don't even need that much there." We have to wait for the race in Baku because there will certainly be surprises considering that this season is very interesting for now