Helmut Marko does not believe in the appeal by Red Bull


Helmut Marko does not believe in the appeal by Red Bull
Helmut Marko does not believe in the appeal by Red Bull

Helmut Marko believes that Mercedes will probably not file an appeal against Red Bull in Baku because of the possible chain reaction of events that such a procedure could trigger. For the alleged flexible rear wings, which is currently a major topic in the past two weeks, the FIA ​​has introduced stricter testing that will take effect on June 15th.

This means that for the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan, teams can still use any rear wing design they already have. So at Red Bull, they can continue to use their ‘flexible’ rear wing if they wish, and Mercedes ’Toto Wolff has already hinted that he will appeal if that happens.

But Marko doesn't believe that Wolff really wants to go that route because Red Bull has already "taken note" of Mercedes' front wing flexing "Mercedes would have to protest against eight cars. Because, apart from us, it also affects Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, and Alpine.

Do you really want to do that and cause a big scandal? I think no." "We expect that the tests for the front wing will be much stricter now, that will be fair because the Mercedes front wing is especially shaky. In any case, there is also the potential for protest, "Marko explained.

Wolff on their wing

Over the weekend in Monaco, Wolff explained that Mercedes ’front wing flex as much as with some other cars, meaning both teams could eventually protest against each other. "We analyzed the front wings and they flex in the same way as the Red Bull wing, so we could protest for the front wing." "But it is clear that the back wing flex more than it should.

According to the rules, it is classified as ‘non-compliant, but we are waiting for a new test to be introduced after Baku." "So, that's the way it is, but we played it quite robustly from our legal position and that's an advantage for us, "Wolff said.

But Marko is particularly annoyed by Mercedes ’behavior, citing the DAS system that was installed in the W11 car last year, and the system has been banned since this season. “In Formula 1, part of the game is for teams to watch carefully when the competition has something special about the car.

We did that when Mercedes came around the corner last year with the innovative DAS. ” "The FIA ​​eventually declared the system illegal, but they were still allowed to use it until the last race. We accepted that. Why doesn't Mercedes now accept that the same thing is happening with our rear wing ", explained Marko.

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