Antonio Giovinazzi is happy after winning the first points

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Antonio Giovinazzi is happy after winning the first points

Antonio Giovinazzi won his first points of the season in Monaco for him and for his team Alfa Romeo, which showed a significant step forward compared to last season, but due to a combination of circumstances has so far ended up outside the points winner.

Last weekend, the Italian managed to reach the last qualifying round on Saturday for the first time, while on Sunday, with a good start and a calm race, he reached the tenth position and one point won. "I am satisfied with the first point of the season and I think it will give additional motivation to everyone on the team."

Giovinazzi seems to have the confidence and some dose of courage he lacked. It would be interesting if he continues at this pace. He expected with the speed they had to be able to achieve more, but they are still satisfied after the 10th place, which will definitely mean something for the next races.

"There are still a lot of races in the season, but this could be a kind of turning point after all the accidents in racing so far. ” “From the very beginning in the first free practice, I felt good in the car.

I had a sufficient dose of confidence and faith in the car, and progress was visible from session to session." "We did the best qualifiers of the season, and in the race, we had the pace and for which position more, but we will not complain - the first point is here.


Baku race

He also announced the next race in Baku where he expects a good result and hopes to win new points for the team. It is the track in Baku that Giovinazzi loves, and he could take advantage of that and get to an even better position.

Of course, it will not be easy considering the competition, but winning the first points will be an additional motive and will certainly help him achieve the best possible result. "We have shown in Monaco that we can.

We are looking forward to going to Baku where we hope we can repeat good qualifications and a good race to fight for points once again." "Personally, I am really looking forward to racing on the streets of Azerbaijan because it is one of my favorite tracks in the calendar, ”he concluded.

We have to wait a while, because this season looks very interesting, and we can expect many surprises at the race in Azerbaijan.