Leclerc wanted to win, but in the end he finished second

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Leclerc wanted to win, but in the end he finished second

Charles Leclerc says he was looking forward to finally fighting for the win after a tough last season for Ferrari and that he is sorry for the whole team for missing the opportunity to win for the first time since 2019 due to driving axle problems.

Leclerc won its first pole position since the 2019 Mexican GP on Saturday after crashing in the last minute of qualifying and preventing other drivers from improving their times in other laps, and despite a damaged car, Ferrari did not decide to change gears that would bring him five places of punishment.

But Leclerc was eventually stopped by a drive axle malfunction that appeared in the lap as he drove from the pits to the starting lineup so he couldn’t even start his home race. This made it much easier for Verstappen in Red Bull to make his second win of the season, and after Bottas' problems changing tires, Sainz reached second place and first podium for Ferrari.

“This was tough, I really sympathize with the whole team,” Leclerc said.

Leclerc on his podium

“After what happened in the qualifiers, the mechanics did an amazing job and did their best to prepare me for the race.

I was looking forward to finally fighting for the win. Unfortunately, it was not destined. " “It’s hard to accept that we couldn’t start the race, especially at home. I was emotional in the car when I realized something had gone wrong.

We still have to find out what exactly happened. ” "In general, it was a good weekend for us. Carlos was strong and constant and I am happy for him and the whole team that he won his first podium for the Scuderia Ferrari.

” "After a tough 2020, this was a big reward for everyone, both on the track and at home in Maranello, and the team fully deserves it." Mattia Binotto says this has been a day of opposing emotions for Ferrari, but he is happy to have won the pole position and the podium, for the first time this season.

“A weekend of very opposite emotions for us,” Binotto said. "Today we had a real chance to win so it's a bit disappointing to leave Monaco just with points for second place." "On the other hand, it's a pleasure that Charles has secured a great pole position and that Carlos has achieved the first podium in the red, especially as the team progresses step by step."