Max Verstappen became the leading man in Formula 1

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Max Verstappen became the leading man in Formula 1

A few hours ago, Max Verstappen became the leading man in the Formula 1 championship for the first time in his career. Moreover, the fourth-place of Sergio Perez secured the first position in the construction standings for the Red Bull team.

Lewis Hamilton, on the other hand, had a weekend to forget, and Valtteri Bottas was in the game both yesterday and today, but eventually had to give up due to problems during a tire change. “First of all, I have to say that deeds speak louder than words.

That’s a good lesson after this weekend. You just have to talk on the track, I like that. ” "As a team, we have made the fewest mistakes so far, so we are ahead. I hope we can continue like this until the end of the season.

” British journalists with this comment ran to Hamilton, who asked for a direct answer: "It doesn't concern me in the least," Hamilton laughed. "They did a great job this weekend and that's it."

“We also had some good races. 17 races are ahead of us. I won't say anything more. It is childish to engage in war with words. ”

Verstappen is not enthusiastic

Verstappen is currently 4 points ahead of Hamilton, and Red Bull is one point ahead of Mercedes.

However, the Dutchman is not enthusiastic: “Points don’t mean much at this stage of the championship, but it’s important to turn the momentum in our favor. If this advantage is there at the end of the season - that would be great, but there are still a lot of races ahead of us."

"It's nice to be back on the top of the podium after two races where the points gap has grown. "We have to work hard because we know that Mercedes is still the fastest on 'normal tracks' But this was a good weekend, it went mostly without any problem.

This is a great boost for the team. ” It seems that Verstappen is still not aware of what is happening. So far he has had a great season and if he continues at this pace we could experience what everyone is waiting for; The title of Verstappen.

Hamilton, given the experience, will surely do his best to catch up and try to win the title again. For now, Mercedes is not doing well, but we have no doubt that they will understand what the main problem is and come back much stronger from this.