Ricciardo: "I refuse to believe that Lando is a second faster here"

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Ricciardo: "I refuse to believe that Lando is a second faster here"

Daniel Ricciardo finished qualifying for the Monaco GP in twelfth place, even one second behind his teammate. He believes that there was a difference in the pace of each individual driver throughout the weekend, and during the post-qualification interview he admitted that he was a bit confused: "I am probably more confused than frustrated.

Obviously frustrated and upset, we know that qualifying is so important here, but probably now it's more frustrating because it's not even a position anymore, we've been almost a second behind all weekend. ” "I'd like to say that I just don't have the confidence or that I still need to get to know the car, but the second [is a lot]."

“I certainly don’t think in the direction that something is broken, but I think we need to look at the bigger picture. I refuse to believe that I am so slow here. ” "Obviously, I've been here with Max [Verstappen as a teammate] and I'm sure Lando is fast, but I refuse to believe he's a second faster here and I don't mean anything bad for him."

“But just all weekend, even when I crossed the border a lot of laps, I felt good, it felt like it was a good lap. And I think at one point I was one, two seconds slower than I said Lando just did, so I don't have an answer at this point.

Daniel isn't happy with the car

Daniel said he hadn’t been happy with the way the car worked all weekend. But he thinks that in previous races they struggled more with certain things than at the moment in Monaco.

He also said that Monaco is a track where the car cannot be perfect, given that it is a street race with a lot of bumps. Asked if he thought there was a problem with the car, Daniel said he was sure the team would investigate it and did not want to put the blame on the mechanics and point the finger at individuals.

Finally, he added that he did not want to blame the differences in driving style between him and Norris for the difference in pace: "I mean, there's still a little difference in driving style and things like braking technique and that, and again, even if I don't optimize the car, I'd still say okay, maybe I'm two or three tenths slower."

“But one second? I don't know, it seems like a lot. I will not bury my head in the sand to say that I am the best and that someone else is to blame. ” "I still want to definitely work on it and I'm sure there are still things I can improve on, but this weekend is the biggest anomaly of all so far."