Hamilton frustrated by the poor result decided to criticize his team

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Hamilton frustrated by the poor result decided to criticize his team

Lewis Hamilton says that Mercedes went in the wrong direction ahead of yesterday's qualifications for the Monaco Grand Prix, and that they will have to do a couple of "difficult conversations" before the race to understand why they finished only in seventh place, half a second behind Valtteri Bottas and seven tenths behind Charles Leclerc.

Both Bottas and Hamilton were disatsfied with the behavior of the Mercedes car after free practice, but the Finn managed to adjust his setup and in the end was even in the game for pole position, but in the last attempt he had to give up because of the red flag.

Lewis says this result is the result of wrong decisions and mistakes by the team, but will keep the details behind closed doors: “I will have to do some tough conversations with my engineers, probably tonight [Saturday] or after the racing weekend.

There are some things that should have been done and didn’t. We will learn a lesson from this and we will be stronger in the next race. ” “I can’t go into more detail about it, no. Like I said, from my perspective… It’s frustrating, but what’s there is.

I can’t talk too much about it. After all, we are a team." "Also, I don’t want to be too critical of the team, but behind closed doors I will be. We need to work harder. ”

Wrong decisions

Hamilton admitted that part of the problem was in the wrong direction they went after training on Thursday.

“Ferrari and the Red Bulls treated the tires better than us. We as a team didn’t do a good enough job to have the same opportunity as them." "Of course this is frustrating because it takes you down a path where there are no gains.

Thursday was better because of the high temperatures, and the qualifiers were colder, so we paid for it. ” “We changed a lot after the 3rd free practice, which was catastrophic. We completely missed. We tried to take a step back in the car setup, but then it was even worse than before.

We really got killed on Thursday. ” He emphasize the importance of warming up the tires and commented on the result of his teammate: “We definitely struggled with tires, and that’s especially important on this track.

It was a lot colder in the qualifiers and you could see it getting worse later in the day. I’m not sure how Valtteri managed to activate his tires. I felt a little flu in the last lap, but it lasted a very short time. ”