Norris: "I'm not surprised by Ferrari's results"

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Norris: "I'm not surprised by Ferrari's results"

While many will react with skepticism to Ferrari’s great result in the second free practice - Lando Norris is not one of them. The Briton says that on the eve of this weekend, he told his former teammate Carlos Sainz that he could win the Monaco Grand Prix.

"I sent a message to Carlos a few days ago and told him he had a good chance of winning. We will see." "As far as we're concerned, I think this is to be expected, although maybe outside viewers don't think so.

We know where they are fast and where they are not, and this track suits them very well." " It's no surprise that they're so fast and if we look at some other tracks - I'm sure we can give them back.

They look very good, which is not ideal for us, but we will do our best. ” McLaren had 6th place yesterday as the best result with Norris: "It's hard, Monaco is not an easy route to drive and to find speed."

"I feel good in the car from the first training. Otherwise it’s always weird when you first come because of all the humps on the trail and the walls around you, and it’s very hard to build confidence."

"But this year I had a good feeling from the first round. I believe in brakes which is very important here. It feels good. ”

Inferior position

After retaliating somewhat against Norris in Spain, Daniel Ricciardo returned to an inferior position compared to his teammate: "I felt confident, but you couldn't see that from my results.

Honestly, it was quite frustrating behind the wheel because I would know how to cross the finish line and think I made a good lap, but then they would let me know that I was in 12th or 15th, and at one point even in 17th position."

"It's frustrating because I'm far behind, I have a lot of time to find. Luckily, today [Friday] is a day off so we need to figure out where I’m losing." "My weakest is the second sector, and there are lower speeds so I’m surprised to lose so much there.

I will check all the information and understand what it is about. ” “I’m not going to lie, it’s very sensitive, getting into corners, car balance… It’s frustrating. I think you need a special driving style for that and if you don't master it - then you're just not that fast. "