The Flexi-wings debate in F1 continues

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The Flexi-wings debate in F1 continues

Red Bull boss Christian Horner mustered up the courage and threw an arrow in the direction of Mercedes when it comes to the saga around flexible wings. Namely, after Lewis Hamilton noticed that the rear wing of Red Bull was unusually bent in the direction, the FIA ​​reacted and the tests will be much stricter ahead of the French Grand Prix.

“The Red Bulls are pretty fast on the routes. They have that bending rear wing that gives them at least three-tenths of a second, ”said Lewis in Barcelona. He rushed to the FIA ​​with a new statement ahead of the Monaco GP: "That wing will bring them six tenths on the track in Azerbaijan."

Toto Wolff went a step further and said that postponing these tests brings into question the results of the race in Monaco. Horner had to answer: "If by any chance the camera was aimed at the front wing of our rivals - we would be having the same discussion [about the flexible wing] again."

Horner has then shown the Sky F1 team a video from the race in Imola, which clearly shows the bending of the front wing of the Mercedes. “Look at that front wing - you can see it disappear from the frame and then reappear.

What's the difference between that and the back wing? ”


Technical directives in the middle of the season are nothing out of the ordinary, but Horner doesn't expect much impact on his team: “Listen, we will have to make some modifications for the new test to be introduced."

"It costs time, money and resources, but we are not the only team that will have to do it. It will probably be a heavier weight for teams like Alfa Romeo, which is on the border. " “It’s just one aspect of the car.

We’ve seen that such tests change often and a lot of noise has been made around it. It is clear why this is being done and of course, you guys from the media fall for these stories. " This is not the first time that there has been talking of flexible wings in Formula 1, but it is interesting that the roll call comes from Mercedes.

Why interesting? Because of history. Last year, the Italian version of the Motorsport portal wrote about how Mercedes had a flexible rear wing, and the case was concluded by the "FIA putting the whole case under a magnifying glass" after the same solution was implemented by Red Bull and Ferrari The same car (W11) had an unusually flexible T-wing, which did not attract much attention from the FIA or their rivals.

Although the technical regulations say that the aerodynamic components of the car must be reasonably fixed - in reality this is impossible and a dose of flexibility must exist in order to preserve the structural integrity.

But the ordinance also says the FIA can introduce additional tests at any time on any part of the car that moves while driving.