Norris: “I want to be the driver who can lead the team"

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Norris: “I want to be the driver who can lead the team"

Already before the fifth race of the season, Lando Norris and McLaren agreed on a new, multi-year contract. The young British driver believes that such an early resolution of this issue will be an additional advantage for him in the continuation of the season… Lando Norris ’career is definitely evolving in the right direction.

He progresses from season to season, and the new multi-year contract confirms McLaren’s satisfaction with the 21-year-old’s performance from Bristol. In his first season (2019), Lando won 11th place in the standings, while last year he was two places better.

In those two seasons, Lando and Carlos Sainz worked great with the team and made great progress. Back in 2018, McLaren was the sixth team in the constructors' standings, while in 2020 they won third place. He holds the same position now, after the opening four races of the new season, and Norris is leading his team with one podium climb and two more Top 5 placements, while his new teammate, Daniel Ricciardo, is still adjusting to the new environment.

Norris explained his decision

Norris explained the decision to sign the new contract as follows: “I want to be the driver who can lead the team, who has been there for many years, who has helped the team through bad times and helped to reach good times.

That's why I'm still here, I signed for a few more years because I want to be in that position. " "Even this year, it can already be said that I have made a step forward in that regard. I feel like a different and improved driver compared to the last couple of seasons, I take on more responsibilities and lead the team in more ways.

That is definitely what I want, what I want to do in the future ", said the young Briton. He has two third places in his career. He has not yet tasted the sweetness of victory, but he points out that this is not the most important thing for him when deciding on the future.

It was judged by the excellent collaboration with the people at McLaren, so he didn’t even want to negotiate with the other teams. “As much as I would like to win races, win championships and so on, another thing that is equally important to me is enjoying where I am."

"So how much winning and success mean to me, having fun and enjoying life is equally important to me." "It comes with loyalty, working with the same mechanics and the same engineers for years."