Lewis Hamilton: 'Max Verstappen has a lot to prove’

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Lewis Hamilton: 'Max Verstappen has a lot to prove’

Lewis Hamilton explained that Max Verstappen is more aggressive in their mutual duels this season because he may have a lot to prove as this is his first fight for the title of career champion and he says he will still try to avoid contact with him.

Verstappen and Hamilton have had duels on the track in all four races so far this season, and although they have been very close to contact so far it has not happened, mostly thanks to Hamilton who had to avoid contact in the first turns in Imola and Barcelona.

Hamilton won three of the first four races and has the best start of the season along with 2015 when he also had three wins and one second place in the first four races while Verstappen also has his best start of the season with one first and three second places.

"I don't know, I think I've avoided all incidents well so far," Hamilton said. “We have 19 more races and we could touch. But I hope we won't. " “I think the good thing is that there is a balanced amount of respect between us.

I think maybe, as you know, he feels he has a lot to prove. I'm not necessarily in that situation. " "I'm looking for things in the long term, this is a marathon, not a sprint. Which is also the reason why I have the statistics I have, ”said Hamilton, who has given up only once in the last 87 races (since the 2016 Grand Prix of Japan), at the 2018 Austrian Grand Prix due to fuel pressure.

"I will continue with this approach and do my best not to collide."

This season

Although Mercedes had problematic pre-season testing with a car that did not have a stable rear end, gradual improvements and a better understanding of the car brought Mercedes alongside Red Bull which is why they lead in both championships.

“I think every year you have a goal to get everything you can, I don’t think you ever say you’re going to give a little less,” Hamilton said. "Every year you do your best and sometimes things don't go according to plan.

Some things can distract you, you may not take the opportunity, you may not always be as complete as usual. ” "This is not necessarily the case this year. I started the way I wanted to, I adapted to the whole pandemic situation, I am more physically prepared than ever and I had more time to train and work on the mental side and understanding the car. ” "I think I've generally raised the scale within myself and that's also our goal as a team."