Verstappen responded to Hamilton's statement

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Verstappen responded to Hamilton's statement

Max Verstappen responded to Lewis Hamilton, who said that the Red Bull driver might want to prove something with his aggressive moves, and the Dutchman believes that he has nothing to prove and that he also hopes to avoid mutual contact on the track by the end of the season.

Verstappen and Hamilton justified their status as top favorites in the title fight and took first two places in all four races of the new F1 season, and in all races, they had close fights that have so far ended without contact.

McLaren CEO Zak Brown recently said he believes their crash is only a matter of time, and Hamilton said in Monaco that he did everything he could to avoid contact and that Verstappen may have something to prove in that fight.

Verstappen soon responded to Hamilton and says that he doesn't want a crash either and that he has nothing to prove in the fight with him, regardless of the fact that this is his first season in which he is fighting for the title.

"No, I have nothing to prove," said the Dutchman. "When it came to avoiding each other, I think it goes both ways. We were good at it, that's the truth" “But yes, we raced fiercely and we avoided contact from both sides.

Let's hope that we will continue like this and stay on the track, racing fiercely against each other. ” "Honestly, I don't know what else to say about these things, we never try to collide, do we?" "Those stories are only there to make some interesting headlines."

"I guess more people will read when you say the collision is a matter of time instead of saying we had some great races." "Of course people will read it more."

Vettel about collision

Sebastian Vettel says that people do not understand how easy it is to cross the border in mutual fights in Formula 1 cars.

“One thing that people on the outside don’t understand is how close it used to be and how easily things can go wrong without any intention,” said Vettel, winner of the 2011 and 2017 Monaco GPs. "No one goes overtaking with the intention of kicking themselves or another driver out because the risk of something going wrong is so high."

"But when you want to overtake someone or defend your position, you play with very thin boundaries and so little is needed for something to go wrong." “So far they have been good at it and I think it shows the class they have.

I don’t see why you’re so excited in anticipation of a collision. I think you should be excited that they managed to race so close without a collision. ”