Toto Wolff believes Red Bull is the favorite in Monaco

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Toto Wolff believes Red Bull is the favorite in Monaco

The boss and co-owner of Mercedes F1 team Toto Wolff says Red Bull is the favorite for the next championship race in Monaco because their car is strong in conditions where the highest levels of downforce are needed. Mercedes has won pole positions and wins in three of four races this season, with Hamilton leading the drivers ’standings with 14 points more than Verstappen while Mercedes has 29 points more than Red Bull.

Hamilton celebrated from pole position at the last race held in Monaco in 2019 when he managed to defend against the rushing Verstappen in Red Bull and won his fourth victory in the first six races that year, and this year he is aiming for his fourth victory in that race after the 2008 celebration but also 2016 and 2019 Despite Mercedes celebrating in 75% of this year’s races, Wolff believes Red Bull is the favorite on the streets of Monte Carlo, a track that traditionally suits them and on which they last won in 2018 with Ricciardo.

Monte Carlo

“The first few races offered us wheel-to-wheel fights, but also strategic fights to win,” Wolff said. “Spain was far from a perfect race for us and we can learn a lot from that. But regardless of that, it was good to come back after we held second and fourth place in the first round and finished first and third, we can be proud of that as a team.

” "This race is like no other and we missed it so much last year, we can't wait to get back into action on the streets of Monte Carlo!" “It’s such a unique and intense weekend for the drivers and the team, with no room for error.

It puts you on fire right away and we love that challenge. ” “Monaco is a track with high downforce requirements and we know it is a key strength of Red Bull. They were very fast in the third sector in Spain and that is often a good indication of performance in Monaco.

” "That's why we're going this weekend knowing that they are a team to be beaten, but we also know that we will have strong competition in some other teams. But as before, we enjoy the challenge. ” "The last time we raced in Monaco was shortly after Niki passed away, so he will be on our minds again this year." Of the last seven Monaco GPs held (2013-2019), Mercedes has not only won twice.